Consultation Fees

Patients of Seaport Medical Centre may expect to be billed directly to Medicare or alternatively privately billed depending on the service or doctor of the patients' choice.


Some services that Medicare does not cover include: pre-employment medicals, travel vaccine or recreational medicine.


When a doctor refers you for services outside the clinic such as specialist visits or tests (e.g. X-Ray) an out of pocket cost may be incurred.


Our staff will be happy to advise you or inquire on your behalf.


Fees Policy


The fees at the Practice are set by the doctors and are reviewed. Concessions Card Holders are bulk billed, other consultations attract a fee. At present, our veterans are bulk billed under the DVA agreement. All consultations must be paid at the time of consultation.


The Practice sees itself as providing excellent health care to private patients who seek out the type of service that is provided at the Centre.


To assist in making an informed decision about their health care, patients must be informed of the cost of care provided by our practice.


Costs may include the following:


- Brief consultations will be bulk billed.


- Standard and longer consultations will be charged at $20 above rebate (Medicare will reimburse your bank account the following day).


- Late or missed appointments for pre-employment Medicals will be charged as a No Show to the company as previously agreed.


- Service such as pre-employment, travel and recreational medicine will be privately charged and our staff can advise you on booking costings relevant to your requirements.


- Most doctors will not write prescriptions without having a consultation with their patient. If you have specific circumstances and your doctor agrees to phone orders there will be a charge.


- It is at the clinics discretion to alter fees as required. Patients will be given prior notice.



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